Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall

Pastor, Trinity Life Church, Royston

As a pastor and church leader you meet many people and hear many testimonies, all of which are amazing and life transforming.

To hear Rob Joy’s testimony is to hear a of a life changing miracle that inspires faith and proclaims the glory of God. In and out of prison, committed to violence and addicted to drugs, by Rob’s early 20’s he was fully enjoying his corrupted life. However, it didn’t last much longer and took a spiral dive into suicidal and schizophrenic thoughts until resurrected by a miraculous encounter with the living God.

Now in a new life Rob directs his obsession towards Jesus Christ. He’s a passionate evangelist, he has lead a church, preaches an uncompromising Gospel all over the world, loves the Lord his God and is a great friend; a truly transformed life. It would be nice to say that from here it’s been an easy journey, but knowing Rob and his family for many years I’ve stood with him through the ups and the downs.

Sometimes we fly on wings like eagles and sometimes we fall, but it’s what you do when you fall that makes the man. We all have lessons to learn and it’s a privilege to stand with such a humble, committed and zealous man of God who admits his weaknesses and knows God’s grace and forgiveness. The apostle Peter knew his imperfections yet preached Christ, the Pharisees believed in their perfection and crucified Christ. Some would try and rip people down because of past failures, but I would rather stand with a God fearing, disciple of Christ, who has a burning heart for the lost and an unrelenting passion for God’s kingdom, knowing that it’s not about what we do or have done but it’s all about what Jesus Christ has done.

Rob is a great friend, a sold out, fervent disciple of Jesus and is passionate to see Christ’s power change people’s lives; to see God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Mike Parkyn

Mike Parkyn

Jesus Networks, San Jose, California

I was with Rob from the outset. When he received Christ and began walking with him. I was his first pastor.

Those early years were eventful, full of passion for Jesus, with remarkable manifestations of His grace and power. Rob came from a very broken background and the struggle into freedom was at times intense. But he learned quickly the power of the new life in Christ.

Over the years, his zeal for authentic ministry and furthering the cause of Christ has already made Rob incredibly fruitful in the Kingdom. Along the way, God added a wonderful hand-picked bride in Lydia, who carries contrasting but complimentary anointing and grace. Together they are an awesome combination! Lydia’s support and devotion are some of Rob’s greatest strengths and validations.

I know Rob has struggled through stuff, and made choices that have hurt people and even led some to give up on him. But Jesus has not given up on him, and ironically He might just have used some disappointments to nudge Rob away from some things that might have held him back, and even distorted his purpose and call.

Rob is more engaged with Jesus and the urgency of the times than most people you will meet. He can come across raw, but this is consistent with a fire that burns strongly in him. He has a big heart for people. I remain convinced that he is called and gifted to play a significant part in God’s unfolding end-time plans. This will come together as Rob puts no confidence in his flesh, refuses to be distracted by its constant nagging, and seeks to move on in pursuit of the calling that still screams within. Rob is a powerful messenger of the truth that sets free, and I commend him to you fully. I remain committed to do all I can to see Rob, Lydia, their family, and their team be as impactful and fruitful as possible in the gospel.

Matthew and Becky Murray

Matthew Murray

Global Director, One By One

I have known Rob Joy for many years and have always known him to be a man of passion and zeal for God.

I am pleased he is exploring overseas mission and have been privileged to encourage him on his journey in Malawi. We are excited to see what God is going to do amongst these precious children. As someone once said, it’s better to build boys and girls than fix men and women. Reaching children in poverty with God’s love is as close to God’s heart as you can get.

David Taylor

Founder, Untangled International

Rob Joy has visited Malawi several times to support church ministries there. His mixture of exhortation to live wholeheartedly for God, combined with prayer into people’s lives has resulted in transformed lives physically (healings), spiritually (people have been set free; demons have been cast out) and emotionally (God has spoken into people’s lives). Malawi is a hard place to live and minister, so Rob’s visits have brought “streams of refreshing” to those who needed it most.

I commend Rob’s work in Malawi to you. I have seen it bearing fruit, and being blessed by God.

Furthermore I commend the transfer of property to you as a thoroughly good deal in all directions. Be blessed.

My name is David Taylor, and I am a missionary with 25 years of experience in Malawi.


MacDonald Msukwa

Bishop, Malawi

Hello. My name is Bishop Macdonald Msukwa. l was born on 6th August 1968. l received Jesus Christ in 1982, while l was still a young boy and have enjoyed following Him ever since. l married my lovely wife Charity in 1988 and we have 8 children in total; 5 girls and 3 boys.

Then in 2000, God show me a vision of a beautiful Church built on top of a mountain, and l heard a voice telling me to go and start worshiping. Then l had a vision that l was preaching on a very big crusade and many many people were getting saved on that day. In that same year l started a church named New Life Apostolic church after prayer and fasting.

Since my dear brother Rob Joy started coming to Malawi and preaching to our church, many people have been transformed, delivered and received their healing. My own wife has been suffering from severe chest pain but she was prayed for and was totally healed and is in good health now.

Then three of my children Etina, Benjamin and Jessa received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, praise God. And my son Benjamin was badly attacked by demons regularly. l have been praying for him, but this last trip when l told Rob my problem and he prayed for him, my son was totally healed, praise God.

Since this Man of God started coming to us, so many people have had testimonies of healing and deliverance, that we want to write a book so that others can know about Rob’s gift of delivering and healing sick people just by calling on the name of Jesus Christ.

May God bless him and give more life. People here in Malawi need his ministry to have a full time base here. He is a wonderful teacher of the Gospel. God bless Kingdom Cause Community all the time.

Maxwell Chitukula

Pastor, Malawi

Hi my name is Pastor Maxwell Chitukula. l was born on the 20th April 1979. l got married in the year 2000 and l have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. 

l have known Rob Joy now for two years. He is a real man of man of God who has helped transform my Spiritual life and helped me to be a very strong servant of God now. 

Rob Job is a gifted servant of God in healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries. l have a powerful testimony concerning my wife (who has been suffering from knee problems for many years). We were attended one of his services, where he prophesied that someone had knees problems. He asked them to just come forward and my wife responded. He prayed for her and since that day, my wife has been fine with no more pain in her knees.

I thank God for sending Rob Job to Malawi to do his work. God bless Kingdom Cause Community and his servant Rob Joy. Amen!