Highways & Byways

Our First KCC Church

We have recently planted our first church as Kingdom Cause Community called Highways & Byways.

Highways & Byways exists as a local church because hurting and lost souls still do. We are intentional about reaching out to the hurting, needy and broken because we cannot see a gospel in scripture that is not entirely given to this cause.

We want everyone that joins us to feel welcome and loved, but, we also want everyone to know their life counts. We are passionate about training and releasing as many as we can to make the maximum impact on the world around them and have a glorious adventure along the way. 

Church/Community should be the most fun, most passionate, most diverse and most fruitful place on the earth. We made a decree at our first service that we would be a ‘presence centric church’ meaning exalting Jesus takes immediate priority every time and in all ways and by doing so we believe He will draw all men to Himself. 

The glory of God will get more done in a moment than fancy programs, well written sermons, pretty platforms and all the meetings in the world could in a thousand life times, and so, we hunger for His presence and glory and make room for the Holy Spirit to move. 

“Making His Great Commission our life's Mission”

Evangelism isn't something we do, its something we are. We deliberately invite the most broken we can find to meet Jesus as Savior, Healer, Deliverer and Coming King. Demonstrating the power of God to those around us. We preach a holistic gospel.
Rob Joy

Meeting Times

We have meetings throughout the week. Why not join our small group, or come along to intercession? You’d be most welcome. Details are below

Manifest Presence

The last Friday of every month between 7pm and 9:30pm

Core Groups

Wednesdays at 8pm

Sunday Service

3pm Every Sunday

  • Highways & Byways, Active Luton, Butterfield Green Rd, Luton LU2 8DD
  • info@kingdomcause.community
  • 01582 520 521