Kingdom Cause Community places a huge emphasis on prayer – Nothing happens without prayer! We hold regular prayer meetings and nights of intercession at our base in Luton called SOAR and we would love to see you there.

If you have a specific prayer need and want our team of committed intercessors to bring you and your needs before the Lord, please fill out the request form and we will ensure some real attention is given to this. Also, if you feel like you just cannot seem to beat a particular sin, or addiction, or anything else, and you feel you would benefit from some specific ministry in this area, feel free to request some time with us. We know only too well just how soul destroying and demoralising sin and addiction can be.

We place a huge emphasis on grace and we love to minister our ‘Fully Forgiven’ teaching which has had a profound impact on our leaders and those who have come to us. If you need breakthrough and your heart is genuinely seeking it, then God will never cast you away or shame you or write you off. There is hope and the power of Christ to set you free.