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One evening around midnight as Rob was drifting off to sleep, the Lord gave him a very detailed, heartbreaking vision of a dead African child. Rob and another person (The Holy Spirit) were lifting this child out of a filthy shallow river. This was immediately followed by another vision of tens of thousands of African children all piled up and discarded after dying prematurely and the sight of it left Rob in tears as he heard the Lord say “Will you invest money you have not got yet to help Me save My children in Africa?”

Map of Malawi in Africa

Rob began to pray and ask where this was in Africa and within a few minutes heard an internally audible voice say “Malawi”. Rob saw a map of this country in relation to surrounding countries. Google confirmed it was accurate and Rob shared the vision with his wife and others from his newly formed team who all agreed we must respond to the call of God to invest in this nation.

In November 2016 Rob visited Malawi just to meet some local pastors and leaders who allowed him access to an orphanage and what happened on that trip changed Rob’s life in a powerful way. In typical African fashion Rob was subsequently asked to not only visit the orphanages locally but also to preach at several churches and conferences over a 2 week period.

Two weeks later and over 500 people had made a decision for Christ, countless people were powerfully healed including 5 deaf people, 2 cripples, a partially blind man, a child’s nasty open wound that had baffled doctors for 3 years shrunk and all pain was gone. One Bishop managed to gather 175 pastors with a few days’ notice and all of them fell to their knees and repented for preaching a prosperity gospel and vowed to preach Jesus again.

The Bishop hosting the conference said he had not heard the gospel preached like this with such demonstration for nearly 27 years. The testimonies began to pour in and months later we are still hearing testimonies and reports of how the local churches are experiencing a fresh move of God with new souls added to their number.

We went back on a crusade in April 2017. The photos below were taken during this trip.

Kingdom Cause Community’s first serious project is in Lilongwe where we are heavily involved with a group of churches. We are in ongoing, serious talks with some great local men and women as we are launching a campaign to raise money so we can buy land and build our own orphanage out there, which we want to be an orphanage fit for a king!

If you feel able to support this amazing new project please sign up to our newsletter and or click on the giving link and follow the instructions. We will be running regular mission trips back to  Malawi and if you’re interested in being involved on one of these life changing trips, please register your interest here. There will be children from extremely desperate situations that are being fed, clothed, educated and trained in scripture. The real gospel will be being preached, demonstrated and testifying of the goodness of God.

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey!



Our vision

We have been wanting to buy a property outside of Lilongwe to set up a base for our youth work and ministry training. That is when, thanks to a long term connection and family friend, we met David Taylor, a highly experienced missionary in Malawi. A true God appointment!


David and his wife Andrea had just decided to sell a property which had been prayed over for 10 years now. It is nearly 4 acres with a large house on it. It is rare for the following reasons:-

  1. It is freehold, whereas Lilongwe is almost totally leasehold, except for a few older properties. The freehold means that it is no longer owned by the government at all, and there is no lease period. It is owned into the ground and up into the sky.
  2. Secondly the property is outside of the city limit. SO there are no city rates to pay, yet you are just 15km from Lilongwe city centre. In such a location there is no need for planning permission. So You can build what you want, where you want it. This saves a huge amount of red tape.
  3. It is titled deeded land, which is very rare outside of city limits.
  4. The land already has a great borehole and no permission would be needed if another one was needed at a later date.


It would be impossible to buy this land and build the current house for the sale value of £140,000. David & Andrea’s motivation for doing this is that it is God’s house and land. They are transferring it to Rob for a transfer price because it will continue to be used for ministry to minister to the people in that area. God is glorified. They received this land through a series of miracles and are happy to transfer it onwards for the Lord’s purposes. 

The money from the purchase will be used for two linked purposes, after the 30% capital gains tax has been paid:

  1. to clear the startup debt for a Business For Missions ministry which is giving both ministry training and economic development to rural communities.
  2. giving a small pot of money which will purchase machinery for new Products. These new manufacturing areas will enable the continued training of rural church workers as well as helping rural farmers, to sell their excess crops into a safe and secure market.

Using business for missions enables David to recruit teams of school leavers and invest deeply in their lives, without any ongoing monthly budget needing to be paid.


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Help Required

We need your help!

We have a fundraising day coming up this weekend on Saturday 13th January at 6pm. The event is taking place at our shop called SOAR in Luton.

Our goal is to raise as much of the money required to purchase this land as possible so we can take this next set and establish our base in Lilongwe.

Please come and join us for this exciting event and help us to get fully established in Malawi.

For event information, please click on the button below to be taken to our Facebook page. Thank you and see you there!

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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