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“Living to serve the flightless Bird”

SOAR, which stands for “Serving the Oppressed, Awakening Revival” is a space in the centre of town, which is used as a base to reach the hurting people in Luton as well as as a base for Finishing Touch Services Ltd (Rob and Lydia’s Business).

SOAR Shop at Night

We called it “SOAR” as we believe we are all created to fly, to soar, to live a life of abundance in and through Christ, but life sometimes clips our wings and we struggle to really live the life we are created to. We want to be a place, a people, where anyone can find hope, find help, find healing, but most of all find Christ.

We believe in the power of the Gospel to change lives. We believe we serve a God who heals the sick, delivers the oppressed and gives hope to the hopeless and we will be a people who bring that gospel to the people of Luton.

As well as raising money for the orphanage in Malawi from clothing donations that come into the shop front we have, we reach out to the homeless, single parents, elderly and the lonely. We have helped people fill out forms and are working on connecting people with churches, charities and organisations who can provide them with any specialist help they need. We are also around to have a cup of tea and a chat!

Recently Donated Clothes
A recent donation of clothes

We have a small team of people who run it but we are always looking for volunteers who can just be around to pray, be a listening ear and help us reach more people! If you’re interested in helping, please drop in for a chat. We are really excited about the future of SOAR!

Currently we sell donated childrens’ clothes to raise money for our work locally and in Malawi. We do this as we feel there is a need for inexpensive children’s clothes in Luton and people always have bags of clothes hidden away in their cupboards, which their kids have outgrown! So if that’s you, and you are able to donate kids clothes to SOAR, please let us know – we are willing to collect if necessary!

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