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Wow, we are really cooking now – and not just because of the fantastic weather we are enjoying. We just took a look outside and it is so hot, even the ice cream man is struggling…

we cannot find the original copyright holder to give credit to but whoever it is, thank you!
We cannot find the original copyright holder to give credit to but whoever it is, thank you!

This is the first of our blogs, which will update you on everything we are doing including our vision and future goals. We have so much going on and so much more that we want to do so please do check back here regularly for updates.

Coming soon, we will have some testimonies from some of the people we have reached out to and updates from the projects we are involved in in Malawi.

We are also interested in hearing from you as to what topics and issues you would like us to address in our blogs from a biblical point of view? If you have any suggestions, please drop us an email at blog@kingdomcause.community


What’s Going On (as Marvin Gaye would say)…

As a new ministry with a huge vision and excitement about all God is doing, we are very pleased with how our official launch night went last Sunday (18th June). We had a great turn out with some very talented artists, music and painting. We also had loads of pizza kindly donated by our friends at Dominos and there was a real buzz about the place. When you are in the will of God and He is breathing on what you are doing, there is nothing more life giving.


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IMG 1235
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Today, I got to buy a pasty and drink for a homeless friend of mine who is still ignoring my invitations to come and chat at the shop; however, love refuses to give up on the broken and lost and I won’t give up on him. He has been on the streets of Luton for 8 years now, a very angry, lost and desperately confused man. We continue to pray for him.

Right now I am sat in our SOAR HQ in Luton town centre watching hordes of multicultural people walk up and down past our shop. Many of them are walking in, looking around, connecting, chatting and hearing what we are up to; most of them showing a genuine interest in who we are and what we are up to.

I am also underway with my new book project. Talking about sex addiction, battling areas of weakness, facing pain head on, overcoming, and hopefully stirring the churches to be more equipped to handle guys like ‘me’ when faced with seemingly desperate situations. Nothing is impossible for God. NOTHING!

I am also chatting on Facebook right now with my friend Phil Logan who is battling with cancer and learning to trust Jesus right in the midst of his very real ongoing battle. Phil is a young guy with a big passion. Please pray with us that he is cancer free, and totally victorious in this struggle. We love you Phil!

Michael is sitting behind me diligently working away, helping to drive things forward from an admin point of view. He is making great inroads to the community and offering tonnes of incredibly creative ideas. There is so much going on right now but we are actively working towards a less is more foundation so we can ensure excellence and experience is at the core of what we do for the Lord.

I will leave you with this, although I will be saying much more on this subject in coming weeks. WE NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT and a much deeper dependency on Him again. I urge you to check where He is in all you are doing, and make sure that He is given real focus and priority as you draw closer to Jesus.

We bless you in Jesus’ name and commission you to the harvest field He has placed you in. GO GET EM!



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