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The idea of being created by a perfect, holy, loving Father deserves much more thought and understanding than we probably give.

If we have a deep seated revelation and conviction concerning the truth that we have been created by a Heavenly Father, that He is always good, and always wants the best for us, then we develop a powerful security in Him and can learn to be a supernatural people more able to go beyond the natural restrictions of life.

The biblical outline and overall usage of the Hebrew word Yatsar (Created) paints a very special picture for your life. It is the same word used for words like form, potter, make, fashion, frame, purpose. It speaks of not only God choosing to create you, in a very specific and unique way, but also, of Him doing so because He pre-ordained and pre-determined exactly how your life should be spent.

Psalm 139 vs 13-18

Let’s unpack this a bit and look at just 3 points.

  • God Himself formed your existence (You are alive because of Him)
  • You were fearfully (with reverence and honour in mind) and wonderfully (set apart, distinguished, marvellous) made!
  • His works are always marvellous (extraordinary) and that includes YOU! It means to ‘be beyond one’s power’

This means we were created so marvellously that we should live beyond our own natural ability and live in and out of the supernatural way our Father created us.

Study the rest and write down 3 points that jump out at you from this passage

We are NOT normal if we are in Christ and Christ is in us.

I had a dream recently that I didn’t quite understand until I began to study and write this blog. In the dream I was at a conference with my wife Lydia and my son. Some friends from my old church were with me and we were all talking amongst ourselves and with other conference delegates. Suddenly due to insecurity of heart my friends wife began to really misunderstand what my other friend was saying to her and she overreacted and began to cry and cause a bit of a scene.

Then a guy who used to attend my previous church and felt extremely hurt by me turned up to voice his opinion and anger to me. His son was watching him literally freak out with anger and hatred towards me and he was doing so within ear shot of other conference delegates.

I was sat silently as he freaked out on me and had what could only be described as a child’s tantrum. The next scene was of us all outside the conference and I was trying very peaceably to bring calm to the whole thing and was chatting to his son (younger generation) who seemed quite concerned by his dads reaction. I told his son to “look after your dad for me” as I felt a genuine concern for him despite how he was treating me in that moment but his dad heard me and went crazy and pulled a knife and began to make serious threats towards me.

One of my friends was watching on and didn’t know what to do. I suddenly turned from a calm, reasoning person that was willing to let this guy vent out unnatural anger towards me and I disarmed this guy (with a skill I do not have in the natural). It was quite a wow moment and onlookers seemed to be impressed and took on confidence when they saw me handle things the way I did. (Sounds cool ay?) I then shouted at this guy “Do you think I am just a normal guy who is going to just be stabbed by you?” As I held his knife I realised it was only a child’s plastic toy and was indeed harmless anyway but in the moment it seemed so real to me and everyone else.

I woke up and wrote it all down and thought maybe it was about pride and the way I reacted to him pulling a knife was wrong, but, what God showed me was that the opposite was true. I was wrong for just sitting back and allowing the enemy to scream accusation and judgement at me trying to condemn and shame me for my past. I took on a new identity in that moment and confidently asserted myself and the fact that I am NOT a normal person that should just be bullied and abused. I disarmed my enemy!

Now, this was a dream, it was not speaking about the physical realm. In the spirit realm we are to disarm our enemies with a confidence in Christ that we are not normal people living normal lives. We have been created in His image and regardless of sin; however gross, we have been bought back to our right identity through the blood of Jesus and we are extraordinary people in the hands of a supernatural Father.

We must not just sit back while people watch on as we are abused and shamed by unforgiving hate filled people. We must love them, pray for them and want the very best for them, but, in the realm of prayer and in the spirit we must adopt our new identity which is as one who has been fearfully and wonderfully made and created to live an extraordinary life in God. We are not normal. We do not tolerate being abused and shamed. We take away the enemies plastic harmless weapons knowing that Jesus has already disarmed him at the cross.

If you have an addiction, or depression, or anger issues, unforgiveness, shame or whatever it is you battle with, the greatest way you can begin to power towards victory is by knowing that those issues do not speak of who you really are, but, the image of God does. How you were originally created and formed testifies of who you REALLY ARE. You may have lost your way but you have not lost your worth.

God is calling us all back to who we were made to be, not what people, sin, poor choices, life, sickness, media etc has told us we are. We were created in His image, the blood of JESUS brings us back to that image and the Holy Spirit desires to reaffirm this truth constantly so we can live lives that are not just normal, but powerful, triumphant and inspiring.

On a personal note, I ran so passionately after the call of God on my life and to fulfil all the prophesies over the years that I was a prophet to the nations, a global evangelist, preacher, author, revivalist etc etc (all sounds so grand) but I lost sight of the greatest call of Gods heart over my life which is to come back to a knowledge and identity that I am fearfully, wonderfully, and marvellously created in the image of Almighty God.

I am not normal, I am not a failure, I am not to be abused and shamed and just take it. I am a child of GOD, a son and co-heir of CHRIST. I must start living in this truth and disarming all that try and hinder my destiny. So must you!

Before God calls us to the nations, to be prophets, evangelists, worship leaders, apostles, businessman, housewives, doctors, builders, bankers, etc He calls us back to this truth and identity, that we were and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Created in His image.

I pray you take on this identity and know the security of God in your life, ruling and reigning with Him, and, if, or when, you do forget this, or fail others, or miss the mark (sin) then I pray the Holy Spirit would not permit you to live out of works, and shame, but would draw you back with a greater conviction that regardless of what you did wrong, you are still in HIS IMAGE and you can come back to living from that place once more.

God bless you all.

Rob Joy

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