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I am deeply saddened to admit that due to repeated moral failure I am taking time out of all forms of public ministry until further notice. I have hurt people and churches and bought dishonour to the name of Jesus through my behaviour, and for that I profoundly apologise.I hope in time the people affected can forgive me and also pray for me and my family.

My wife Lydia has been amazing and is fully committed to walking out a restoration process with me, as are my family and many others. Lydia and I have together made the decision to remain in Africa during this process, where a local bishop has agrees to oversee a period of discipline and repentance. I am also receiving some specific remote counsel from my first pastor (now in the USA) as well as prayerful support by numerous others.

I have come to realise how deceived I was believing I could just continue without this time of restoration and I am fully committed to it and the counsel of those involved.

We would ask for prayer during this time as we commit to my rebuilding in the grace of God as a man, husband and father.

Rob Joy

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